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Cordless SDS Max Rotary Hammers

See Hilti's most powerful cordless SDS Max rotary hammers in the 6+ kg (13+ lbs) weight class, powered by the latest Nuron or 36V batteries

See Hilti's most powerful cordless SDS Max rotary hammers in the 6+ kg (13+ lbs) weight class, powered by the latest Nuron or 36V batteries
TE 60-22 Cordless rotary hammer Cordless SDS Max (TE-Y) rotary hammer with Active Vibration Reduction and Active Torque Control for heavy-duty concrete drilling and chiselling (Nuron battery platform)
TE 60-A36 Cordless rotary hammer High-performance cordless SDS Max combihammer with Active Vibration Reduction and Active Torque Control for heavy-duty drilling and chiselling in concrete
Worker drilling hole into concrete block using TE 60-22 rotary hammer and VC 10-22 vacuum cleaner

Discover SDS Max Rotary Hammers

The heavy-duty power you need – with cordless flexibility

Carrying out drilling, chipping, channeling and medium-duty demolition jobs in tough concrete and masonry? You need the power and performance of SDX Max. But tough work shouldn't mean hard work. That's why our flagship SDS Max tools weigh less and come with anti-vibration technology to help reduce fatigue and keep you working longer.

And with the Nuron cordless platform, you can run your heavy-duty rotary hammer on a 22V system that delivers exceptional run time and more power than other higher voltage platforms on the market.

Step up to the power of SDS Max rotary hammers

More flexibility

Match the tool to the task. Whether you're drilling reinforced concrete with rebar or coring through masonry, SDS Max rotary hammers offer a perfect balance of power and comfort.

More productivity

Lower tool weights, improved ergonomics and features such as Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) and Active Torque Control (ATC) can help you work more safely for longer.

More convenience

Optimize your tool crib by running all your cordless tools with interchangeable batteries on just one platform – with the 22V Nuron system you can get more power than corded, gas or other higher voltage platforms.

Working digging compacted ground with powerful SDS-Max combihammer and clay spade chisel.

Power for the toughest jobs

All-round flexibility for demanding drilling and chiseling work

Drill anchor and through holes up to 80mm in concrete and masonry more quickly and efficiently with our SDS Max tools. They'll also make jobs like chiseling and demolition easier. Add a percussion core hammer drill bit to cut 150mm-diameter penetrations.

Broke the cord? Detach it and quickly get a replacement – don't wait for repairs.

Worker drilling in elevator shaft with powerful SDS-Max combihammer, with drop prevention tethering solution and dust removal DRS-D.

Less fatigue, Less Downtime

Superior handling with less vibration and lower risk of kickback

Reach longer permissible operation times – even during tough breaking work – thanks to innovative safety and comfort features. AVR helps reduce exposure to vibration by up to two thirds, while ATC works to protect your teams, tools and accessories by preventing tools from spinning out of control if a drill bit jams on any hidden materials.

And you can enable a cleaner, more efficient, OSHA-compliant jobsite by pairing an optional Dust Removal System (DRS) with a vacuum cleaner to remove virtually all dust straight from the source.

Worker drilling into concrete with the new TE 60-22 and an attached dust removal system

Next-gen rotary hammering

TE 60-22: game-changing performance with Nuron

The TE 60-22 pushes its 22V Nuron battery to do more drilling, coring, chiseling, scraping, digging and breaking per charge. There are no cords required – just exceptional run time and the sort of performance you would expect from a far heavier tool.

The Nuron platform helps enable even more productivity from both your teams and your tools. Its durable batteries resist breakage, feature advanced state-of-health diagnostics and are cloud-connected so you have more visibility over your tool crib than ever.

Construction worker sitting with a TE 60-22 Combihammer and a TE-YX hammer drill bit resting on his knee

Advanced accessories

More productivity with our drill bits, core bits and chisels

Built especially for our SDS Max tools, our TE-YX hammer drill bits have carbide multi-cutter heads for faster drilling in concrete, brick, masonry and rebar, and our diamond-tipped percussion core bits feature improved geometry for longer life.

For anchoring, you can get faster, more consistent results without the need for manual hole cleaning when you drill with our TE-YD drill hollow bit connected to a vacuum cleaner. And for chipping and breaking work, our self-sharpening pointed chisels and floor scrapers deliver longevity with exceptional performance.

Go cordless for extra flexibility

Choose the cordless rotary hammer kit you want with the accessories you need.

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Enable OSHA compliance

A virtually dust-free jobsite is safer for your teams and better for your tools. Pair a Dust Removal System with a cordless VC 10 vacuum cleaner to boost jobsite comfort and help extend the life of your tools. 

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Control your tool costs

Our Fleet Management service covers all your tool costs for a fixed monthly fee. Avoid a large upfront investment in tools and get only the equipment you need.

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