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Tool warranty and repairs

From up to two years no cost coverage to fast repairs – discover the Hilti service promise

Our mission is to help you have your tools and equipment ready to work when you are. That's why we offer industry-leading warranty conditions, tool repair turnarounds and specialty services like measuring tool calibration.

Tool warranty and repairs redefined

Up to 2-year no cost coverage

We repair our tools for free for up to two years from the date of purchase. This includes spare parts, labor and shipping. After the no cost coverage period, you'll pay for your repairs but costs are capped(1).

3-day repairs from door to door

You will usually receive your tool back within three days of ordering a repair. Repairs are carried out by our own expert technicians. And to make the process as effortless as possible, we’ll even pick up your broken tool at your jobsite and return it to the same place(2).

Track and manage your repairs online

Use our online self-service area to quickly order repairs. You'll get a confirmation email with a tracking link so that you have full transparency over the process. You can also organize pick-up and delivery addresses, request loaner tools, review your repair history and more. 

Tool services and insert warranties

From measuring tool calibration to expert check-ups for your Hilti vacuum cleaners or warranties for concrete drill bits and a range of other inserts, our aim is to keep you productive.

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Wear mark warranty for hammer drill bits

If the wear mark on your damaged TE-Y or TE-C bit is visible we'll replace it

We stand 100% behind our TE-C (SDS Plus) and TE-Y (SDS Max) concrete hammer drill bits. Our warranty is straightforward. No need to track receipts or read between the lines of fine print.

Simply put, if your bit breaks, bends, or becomes unusable and the wear mark is still visible, we’ll replace it at no charge to you. Any further claims are excluded(4).

FAQs – Hilti tool repairs

How long do Hilti tool repairs take?

We aim to get our tools back to you within three days(2). This includes one day for pick-up, one day for repairs by our experts and one day for return to you. If you order your tool repair online via your Hilti account, you can track repair status. Please note that if you require a quotation for your repair, the process will take longer. 

How do I order a Hilti tool repair?

You can order a Hilti repair in three different ways:

  • log in via your Hilti online account. If you don't already have an account, you will first need to register. Once you have registered, you can provide details including a pick-up address and even track your repairs or order a loaner tool.
  • email us or call us on the telephone 
  • drop the tool in at one of our Hilti stores

Do I need proof of purchase to get my Hilti tool repaired?

No, you do not need a receipt or other proof of purchase as every Hilti tool is registered.  

How much do Hilti tool repairs cost?

For our tools, repair is free for up to two years from date of purchase(1). The no cost coverage period for grinders, petrol saws, screw magazines and DX 9 powder-actuated tools is 1 year. This includes labor, parts and shipping costs. 

After the applicable no cost coverage period, all repair costs are capped at around a third of the tool's list price plus shipping charges and taxes. Also, once the no cost coverage period has ended, we will repair your tool for free during the 3 months after each paid repair. This includes labor, parts and shipping costs.

Please note that no cost coverage period coverage excludes damage due to abuse, or use not in accordance with the tool operator’s manual are not covered and are charged. 

The following consumable items are excluded from the free repair period and repair or replacement of those items shall be at customer’s expense: pistons, buffers, and spring clips for powder actuated tools, pull cord assemblies and filters for gas saws and filters for vacuums, and hydraulic jaws, blades and dies for hydraulic tools.

How long is the Hilti manufacturer's warranty?

For virtually all of our tools, we will repair or replace parts that break as a result of defects in materials or workmanship for 20 years(5). Any additional claims are excluded.


How long is the Hilti warranty for batteries and chargers?

Batteries and chargers are covered by the same 20-year warranty as Hilti tools. We will replace batteries and chargers during the 2-year no-cost coverage period.

Are Hilti diamond inserts such as core bits or diamond blades covered by a warranty?

We will replace any Hilti DS-B diamond saw blades, DC-D diamond cutting discs, AC-D, AG-D abrasive inserts, DG-C diamond cup wheels, AWB wire brushes, diamond core bits and DS-W diamond wires that are damaged as a result of defects in materials or workmanship(4).

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*Unique Speed. 3 or Free

Conditions for reimbursement :

1. 3-days starts the day-after the receipt of approval for the repair

2. Heavy Diamond tools (wall saws, wire saws), high-end concrete detection tools not included

3. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays not included

4. Customer delays not included (no phone answer, nobody to receive tool etc.)

5. Outskirt deliveries not included

6. More than 10 tool repair approvals at once not included

7. Force Majeure events not included

**2 years warranty

With the exception of the following machines: Hilti Angle grinders, Hilti Cordless drill driver SF 2-A.


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