Engineering Support

Engineering advice

How we can help you with designs and planning

Our engineering and technical teams can work with you onsite, online and on the phone to help with your design, specification and training.

Technical advice on the phone

If you need help for your own project, our teams of highly trained engineers can help with a wide range of technical questions, including:

  • Modular support systems and pipe supports
  • Anchoring applications
  • Direct fastening
  • Decking design
  • Fire protection
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Onsite engineering support

We are based in more than 120 countries worldwide.

If you need help onsite, just get in touch with your local Hilti team to see how we can help work with you onsite to find solutions and offer advice about our products and technologies.

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Ask Hilti

Ask Hilti is an online community platform for engineering and construction professionals. It offers opportunities for gaining knowledge in topics such as anchoring and passive fire protection systems through Q&A, discussions, webinars and articles with the end goal of improving safety across the construction industry. 

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