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Firestop and fire protection

Over 30 years of experience in providing internationally approved and tested firestop systems, premium software and support to help save lives and buildings from fire

Firestop cast-in devices and accessories
Explore our easy-to-install and inspect pre-formed firestop solutions for pipe penetrations through fire-rated floors
Firestop sleeves and pathways
Pre-formed and easy-to-inspect firestop sleeves for cable penetrations Designed for buildings in which airflow control and cost-effective maintenance is key, such as hospitals and data centres
Firestop cable transit systems
Modular firestop sealing solutions for cable penetrations offering water-, smoke- and gas-tightness for various onshore and offshore, energy and industry applications
Firestop blocks, plugs and cushions
Pre-formed, fast-to-install firestop solutions for cable, pipe and mixed penetrations Designed for easy repenetration while reducing dust and airborne fibre particles
Firestop sealants and sprays
Firestop sealants, sprays and fire caulk designed for use in linear and curtain wall joints, as well as penetrations in walls and floors
Firestop Collars, Wraps and Bandages
Find the right fire collar to firestop cables, pipes and mixed penetrations in standard and non-standard wall and floor configurations
Firestop putties
Whether you need to firestop outlet boxes or small cable penetrations, you will find the solution here – our quick to install putty pads, putty sticks and cable discs
Firestop Foams
Our re-penetrable, smoke-tight and flexible fire foam solutions are ideal to firestop cable, pipe or mixed penetrations in small to medium-sized openings
Joints – prefabricated parts
Designed as a faster, simpler and no-mess solution to provide excellent fire, smoke and acoustic ratings Minimise installation errors and waste, while saving money
Firestop coating systems and mortars
Find our firestop mixed penetration seals – approved for cables and for a wide range of combustible and non-combustible pipes and pipe insulation materials
Accessories for firestop and fire protection
Find all the accessories you need to complete your firestop and fire protection installations – designed to save lives, protect assets and improve building performance
Software for firestop and fire protection
Simplify your entire firestopping process thanks to our dedicated software covering product selection, design, planning, specification and documentation


Hilti makes construction sites work simpler, faster, and safer.

We have over 30 years of experience in providing internationally approved and tested firestop systems, premium software and support to save lives and buildings from fire. So at Hilti, we’ve tried to simplify the whole process for you.

We offer a wide range of firestop products, all designed to be easy to install. To ensure the integrity of our products, we run our own production plants and cutting-edge research and development centers right across the world. We’ve created software, which chooses firestop solutions for you and prepares for detailed fire inspections.

With our North America headquarters located in Plano, TX, we have more than 3,600 team members based across our corporate office, R&D and Hilti Store locations, and more importantly located strategically throughout the country, close to our customers.

two men test concrete anchoring products in a research and development lab

We make and research our own leading-edge products

At Hilti, we like to do things differently. We create technologies, software and services that clearly stand out from the rest. We run our own research and design labs, working with top technical universities and partners all over the world. We make our own products in Hilti factories and with external partners, making sure all our products match the same high quality and standards. And we are a privately owned group of companies, founded in 1941 by Martin Hilti and still held by the Hilti family today. So we are looking to build for the future and not for short term gain. 

two firestop engineers look at UL system details on a computer

Firestop experience and expertise

Whatever your project and your firestopping needs, Hilti’s worldwide network of experts can help deliver solutions. Three decades of experience working with local codes and guidelines have equipped us to help provide solutions on virtually any project, anywhere. Have a look in our state-of-the-art research, development, testing and production facilities.

a man prepares a firestop system for UL testing in a Hilti firestop testing facility

In-house testing for international approvals

At Hilti, we conduct thorough firestop tests in our in-house lab, following the most stringent international EN, ASTM/UL test standards and much more. Additional tests – including movement, seismic, acoustics and environmental – are carried out continuously on our pre-engineered, internationally approved solutions. 

a hilti account manager and a customer smile at each other in a conversation

Working together to make a difference

Every Hilti product and system is backed with research, training, software, service and support. We also test our firestop products to exacting international standards and all our systems and software are based on more than 30 years of Hilti research and development. We are inspired to make a difference in our customers’ businesses. We want to help make your job faster, safer and more productive. At Hilti, we go beyond just sitting in our offices. Our sales teams and field engineers meet our customers where they are, finding solutions to make builds safer, easier and faster. 

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