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Diamond Coring Machines

Find out how our diamond coring machines are designed for high productivity when hand-held or rig-based, wet or dry, and light- or heavy-duty coring

Core drilling made easier

Create an improved core drilling experience with our diamond coring systems

Free up you and your crew's time with our integrated diamond coring systems. Providing guidance and automation allows you to work on other projects or manage multiple core drills at once. With a variety of core rigs, core bits and solution-driven accessories, you can pick the right tool for every job.

DD WMS 100

Hilti's Water Management System

Faster and cleaner core drilling

The DD-WMS 100 water management system provides up to one full day of water autonomy by recycling the water up to 7 times, the equivalent of about 30 gallons of continuous water supply. 

clean as you core drill

Clean as you drill

Little to no mess, thereby reducing the need for cleanup later

Most of the slurry is collected with the Hilti water management system, keeping the jobsite cleaner and helping save precious time during wet diamond coring applications.

core drill with one person

Keep coring

So easy, you can core by yourself

Moving to the next hole is easy. The water filter means that with just 4 gallons, most can go all day without refilling. The DD-WMS 100 provides the equivalent of 30 gallons of water but in an easy to move package. When the self-sealing slurry collection bag is full, simply replace it with a new one and keep going.

constant water supply

CutAssist Technology

Guidance and automation on the jobsite

Leverage our innovative and intuitive CutAssist technology on the jobsite. Free up your time to complete others tasks or manage multiple core drills at once and feel confident with guided core drilling.