Hilti Dust Removal Systems

Dust can influence comfort, safety and productivity.

Dust is generated by many of the processes carried out in the construction industry such as grinding, cutting, drilling or breaking concrete. At a minimum, this can result in an uncomfortable work environment. While these issues are well known, controlling airborne dust has historically been a challenge.

Keep dust to a minimum - with Hilti.

Hilti is committed to helping you reduce the risks your workforce is exposed to, and increase your productivity on site - with product and service solutions that greatly reduce exposure to dust in many everyday jobs on the construction site. It's time to take advantage of all the benefits of Hilti dust removal systems - because dust can be a hazard and a costly issue that simply can't be ignored.

Keep dust under control!

Less dust on the job site means:

  • higher comfort and better protection for the workers
  • a more precise and efficient working procedure
  • less valuable working time spent cleaning up afterwards

Efficient dust removal helps:

  • increase the lifetime of power tools and consumables
  • reduce tool downtime
  • cut the cost of repairs and maintenance

A high-performance, easy-to-use dust removal system allows:

  • efficient and productive use (reduction of labor time)
  • less time and money spent on training and instruction
  • fewer sources of error / incorrect handling

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