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Nuclear power solutions

Integrated solutions for each stage of your facility's life cycle

At every stage of your nuclear installation's lifecycle, you need NQA-1 and ISO 9001 certified solutions with technical and seismic approvals. We offer anchors for fastening baseplate to concrete, passive fire protection systems, a variety of HVAC and pipe supports, plus a full set of cable management systems. For decommissioning projects, you can rely on fully customized, remote-driven, heavy-cut machines for work in the most dangerous areas of your nuclear power plant as well as a wide variety of specialist tools and equipment. Hilti is on hand to offer specialist support for your nuclear projects with a presence in 120 countries globally.  


Flexible cable management systems

Versatile and adjustable cable solutions for nuclear facilities

Modular cable management systems and software make it easier to design and install nuclear facility cable layouts. We provide wide range of plugins and libraries for most advanced design software packages, helping you avoid mistakes during the EPC process. Upfront cable management system modelling and load calculation, combined with pre-cutting and kitting of supports, help you to work up to two times faster than with classic engineered solutions. The result is a lower cost of ownership while still meeting all relevant nuclear technical requirements and quality standards.

Passive fire protection systems

Fire safety with nuclear industry approvals

Nuclear facilities require thousands of kilometers of cables and hundreds of kilometers of pipes, meaning fire safety is paramount. Our products comply with the strictest and newest standards, giving you a high-performing range of passive firestopping products with system approval for use in the nuclear industry. These include a wide variety of flexible solutions for cable, pipe, and movement joints, including those that allow significant movement in all three dimensions. In addition, Hilti firestop software enables you to plan, install and maintain large and complex firestopping systems, while engineering judgement support is available for all of your projects.

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Modular piping and duct supports

Non-critical process piping and HVAC supports – no hot work required

Nuclear facilities rely on safe non-critical piping and HVAC duct supports. The quicker these can be designed, installed and modified, the faster projects can be completed while keeping disruption to a minimum. Modular systems give you an easily adaptable alternative to heavy, welded supports that need lifting equipment, speeding up the installation of small pipes and ducts around any structure. Modular supports also make hot works and painting unnecessary, helping you to improve safety. Our software and libraries ensure supports can be designed quickly to meet your exact needs while meeting relevant approvals.  

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Anchoring solutions

Design software and fasteners for safety relevant nuclear applications

Get access to a comprehensive range of anchors for modular supports and making primary steel connections to concrete, allowing you to select the right solution for all safety-relevant applications. Our mechanical and chemical anchors give you more speed and flexibility whenever you need to install or modify structures. No embedment plates are needed, meaning there’s no need to weld. PROFIS Engineering Suite allows you to select NQA-1 approved anchors, make faster load calculations and choose anchoring performance that’s backed up with approvals. Our drilling tools offer easier use and allow you to accurately document each installed anchor.

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Tools and accessories

Solutions for faster, safer and more accurate nuclear projects

Our range of solutions is designed for use at all stages of a nuclear facility’s life cycle. Concrete scanners allow you to scan for rebar in concrete, helping lower the risk of damage when positioning post-installed anchors. Diamond coring and cutting equipment can be hand-held or rig-mounted and either wet or dry – and it integrates with powerful vacuums and dust collection systems. Our tools are designed for reliability, have a comprehensive warranty and are covered by a 3-day repair guarantee, helping ensure less time and money is lost to underperforming or broken tools. 

Energy and industry project solutions

From mining to onshore oil and gas to shipbuilding, bring down the total costs of your asset over its entire life cycle with end-to-end project solutions that combine software, hardware and services. 

Protect your teams

To help you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on your jobsites, we invest heavily in safety technologies – whether it's tool-based dust control solutions, training, or systems for tracking worker certication. 

Explore safety solutions

Control tool costs

Simplify your financial planning and administration with our fleet management service. Pay a fixed monthly fee for all your tools including their use, service and repair costs. Say goodbye to hidden costs.

Explore Tool Fleet management

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