Data center solutions

Supporting data center projects from design to retrofitting

Data center projects are complex. For example, cables, piping and firestopping need to be installed with minimal contamination. With 2,700 industry specialists wordwide and a tailored hardware and software offering, Hilti can support your entire project lifecycle with:

  • Design engineering and building information modeling (BIM) to get projects off the ground faster
  • Prefabrication and advanced logistics to help save time and lower installation costs
  • Modular systems for MEP, innovative firestopping, and advanced solutions for fastening to concrete and steel, for more flexibility
  • Specialist software and engineering support for simpler selection of compliant products

Modular electrical supports

Flexible cable management systems for data halls, substations and more

Even a small data center contains miles of critical cabling. If it is routed using engineered solutions such as welded waterfall supports or heavy load cable trays, installation can be slow and cause unnecessary contamination. Worse, if you need to reconfigure the layout of your data center or introduce late-stage design changes, rerouting cables can be slow and expensive. You can solve these problems with modular cable management systems from Hilti. Our cable tray supports are quicker to install and can be reconfigured more easily using the same equipment, whether it's for data halls, electrical rooms, corridors, perimeter or substations. Helping you obtain a lower total cost of ownership, modular supports can also integrate other systems such as HVAC and non-critical piping.

Reconfigurable piping supports

Modular pipe support systems for quicker, safer and simpler routing

Data centers rely on complex networks of heavy and non-critical piping. Traditional installation methods can involve cumbersome supports, usually requiring welding and industrial lifting equipment. By contrast, modular pipe supports are designed to offer faster, cleaner installation while meeting relevant international standards and helping make reconfiguration cleaner, safer, simpler and more cost-effective. Engineered to withstand seismic events, modular pipe supports can be deployed throughout your data center, from the mechanical room to its perimeter. As with our modular cable management systems, Hilti offers you engineering support, upfront modeling and load calculation, along with cutting, kitting prefabrication and BIM integration.

Hot and cold aisle support

Futureproof your facility with modular overhead grid systems and false floors

When you build a data center, you need to plan for future expansion. Hot and cold aisle containment is crucially important, but so is the ability to reconfigure internal layout in the future and change one type of aisle into the other. Modular electrical and piping supports help, but for full flexibility and configurability you can use Hilti overhead grid systems and integrated floor systems to create hot and cold aisles. Both are modular solutions that allow you to route multiple services above and below the server rooms and easily change configurations. Our modular solutions are lightweight and can be used and reused as needed, requiring no welding and offering a cleaner, safer method for achieving effective hot and cold aisle containment.

Passive fire protection

Increase energy efficiency with firestop systems offering lower air leakage

Fire protection in data centers is vital not only for safety and security, but also to contribute to airflow control. Inefficient airflow can cause hotspots, resulting in energy wastage as equipment increases its cooling capacity. Hilti firestop systems are designed to assist with effective airflow control by delivering low leakage ratings. Meeting a range of internationally recognized and local regulations, our solutions include collars and bandages for mechanical firestopping, plus modular blocks and adjustable sleeves for electrical firestopping. Unlike coated boards or butts, these products don’t release particulates or fibers into your clean rooms – avoiding contamination that can increase your data center’s energy output by up to 2%. BIM Firestop software helps you select the correct solution for each scenario, while Hilti Documentation Manager allows you to record, track and report on every firestop system in your data center – regardless of manufacturer.

Fastening on steel

Swap traditional welding for faster, safer and more cost-effective systems

In data centers, many items of infrastructure such as pipes, cable trays, HVAC, grating and earth connections need to be fastened to steel structures. Traditional methods can have significant drawbacks. Welding can be time consuming and cause contamination. Through-bolting can rely on drilling and access to both sides of the steel. Clamps can vibrate loose and need periodic inspection. Hilti helps solve these problems with a range of solutions for site-specific needs. For example, sharp-tip fasteners can be driven into the base material by a powder-actuated nailer. Special blunt tip fasteners and screw fasteners can be installed into pre-drilled holes – ideal where paint penetration is not allowed. Because these solutions take minutes, or even seconds to install, building or configuring your data center becomes faster, safer and more cost-effective.

Fastening on concrete

Faster, more reliable anchoring solutions for your key applications

Data center construction and expansion requires durable and reliable fastening on concrete, accommodating a wide range of static, seismic and shock load requirements. Hilti offers a full portfolio of quicker, more reliable fastening solutions for all your requirements. Baseplates and other heavy-duty applications can be fixed to cracked and uncracked concrete with metal-expansion or chemical anchors. For medium-duty fastening, such as for MEP supports or securing equipment to floors and walls, we offer solutions such as cast-in anchor channels and a variety of post-installed anchors that may outperform traditional stud anchors. When it comes to light-duty fixings, such as hangers or drop rods, you can choose from a variety of drop-in or screw anchors with the relevant type approvals. PROFIS Engineering software helps speed up and simplify anchor selection, while a wide range of corded and cordless tools help make installation simpler and more cost-effective.

Energy and industry project solutions

From mining to onshore oil and gas to shipbuilding, bring down the total costs of your asset over its entire life cycle with end-to-end project solutions that combine software, hardware and services. 

Protect your teams

To help you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on your jobsites, we invest heavily in safety technologies – whether it's tool-based dust control solutions, training, or systems for tracking worker certication. 

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Control tool costs

Simplify your financial planning and administration with our fleet management service. Pay a fixed monthly fee for all your tools including their use, service and repair costs. Say goodbye to hidden costs.

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