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Struggling to find more reliable, code compliant solutions for extending, connecting or strengthening existing concrete structures such as walls, slabs, columns or beams? Post-installed rebar solutions from Hilti can help with design, installation and testing for rebar tasks ranging from seismic strengthening with shear dowels to extending concrete structures with tension lap splices. By partnering with Hilti, you’ll also get the expert support you need throughout your project.

Compliant Design

Compliant design

Calculate connections for all conditions

Put compliance center stage with flexible design tools from Hilti. Whether you're looking to extend, join or strengthen walls, slabs, columns or beams, PROFIS Rebar software can help you quickly design concrete connections based on the latest model building codes and regulations including Eurocode 2 and ACI.

Our design tools cover the full range of rigorously tested Hilti rebar products, including injectable hybrid and epoxy mortars with approvals for rebar connections. Get the power to calculate everything from anchorage lengths for starter bars to static and seismic loads. Factor in variables such as wet and dry concrete and multiple drilling methods as part of your planning. Of course, Hilti engineers are always on hand to help you achieve the design that best fits your needs.

PS 300 Concrete Scanner

Scan now, save later

Use Ferroscan to position rebar

No one wants nasty surprises on the jobsite. Reduce the risk of accidental damage to existing reinforcement during rebar installation by using a concrete scanner such as the Hilti PS 300 Ferroscan. With the PS 300 you can more quickly and more precisely pinpoint the location of rebar in concrete, even over large areas, then record the data for documentation and structural analysis purposes. You’ll help lower the risk of expensive project delays, speed up drilling work and increase compliance with building regulations.

 SafeSet installation of post-installed rebar using the TE 70-ATC/AVR SDS Max (TE-Y) rotary hammer, a hollow drill bit and HIT-HY 200-R V3 mortar

Work faster with Safeset

Virtually dust-free hole cleaning

What if you could say goodbye forever to the traditional blow-brush-blow method for rebar hole cleaning? Welcome to SafeSet. This innovative Hilti solution combines powerful drilling and highly efficient hole cleaning in an easy one-step process that can help you work faster, obtain better installation quality and boost jobsite safety.

To install rebar using SafeSet, select a Hilti rotary hammer such as the powerful TE 60 and TE 70 models or the cordless TE 30-A36, depending on your specific task or preference. Next, attach a specially designed TE-CD or TE-YD Hilti hollow drill bit along with the right Hilti vacuum cleaner to enjoy automatic and virtually dust-free hole cleaning.

HIT-HY 200-R V3- rebar installation with the HDE 500-A22 chemical anchor dispenser

Mortar for all situations

Enjoy higher quality installation

Once you have drilled holes using SafeSet, simply inject Hilti mortar and install the rebar. No matter the condition of the concrete you are working with, or the type of rebar task you are carrying out, we have an ideal mortar solution. To help with planning and to better prevent waste on the job, use the Hilti Volume Calculator app: it enables you to work out the ideal mortar dosage based on your rebar, embedment depth and drilling diameter. You can also boost productivity and cut costs by using the battery-operated HDE 500-A22 mortar dispenser. With the HDE 500, you can help make sure you only inject the amount of mortar you need.

For ultimate performance in exacting conditions use Hilti HY and RE mortars. In these conditions, HY mortars are your go-to solution for standard drilling while HIT RE-500 V4 is ideal for specialized tasks such as diamond coring.

On-site rebar testing with the digital HAT 180 anchor tester

Tailored on-site testing

Get the data you need

Trained and experienced Hilti engineers can perform pull-out tests of your post-installed rebar to help verify your engineered design standards are met. Testing will be specified to your requirements and can be carried out during the design phase to check the resistance of a base material, or after installation as proof loading of the rebar installation carried out. You will receive a detailed report containing comprehensive technical data. All testing is performed using regularly calibrated test equipment.

Take control of your inventory 

What equipment do you have? Who’s using it and where? Do your tools need maintenance or calibration? Is it to time to renew training or certification? Get all this critical information and more in close to real time with ON!Track, Hilti’s equipment management software for the construction industry.

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Training designed with you in mind

Whether you are looking for an online session on how to operate a specific tool, an accredited live webinar on a key construction topic or a tailored health and safety courses that meets the specific needs of your jobsite, Hilti offers a wide range of learning options — all delivered by experts.

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How Hilti engineers can help

Partner with Hilti to benefit from expert support through all stages of the project lifecycle from design to installation to building management. We offer everything from specialist advice and accredited training to on-site testing and engineering judgements to help you find the solutions you need.

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