Elevator solutions for OEMs

Raise standards for quality, safety and speed of elevator installation

For OEM manufacturers specializing in elevators, our products help provide faster, more reliable anchoring into solid concrete and other base materials. We also have solutions for direct fastening onto steel, for measuring and for shaft surveys. Together, they allow elevators to be installed more quickly and using less labor, reducing the risk of downtime when elevators are being replaced. We also offer innovative systems for erecting temporary and permanent support structures. In addition, our corded and cordless tools for fastening, cutting and drilling help increase productivity and reduce downtime, and can be repaired or replaced quickly in all global regions. 


Elevator shaft survey solutions

Improve layout with tools that send reference lines from the floor of the shaft upwards

Traditional methods of surveying elevator shafts require temporary scaffolding built into the shaft. However, the empty hoistway does not allow access to sidewalls or the ceiling, meaning the landing doors are the only positions where a person can take measurements. With our laser tools, you can send more accurate reference lines from the floor of the shaft upwards, allowing you to survey the complete shaft. We have not only developed laser tools that provide extra accuracy, more robustness and simpler handling, but we can also provide training in their use for the elevator industry.

Divider beams and steel structures

Swap hot works for modular support systems designed to speed up elevator installation

We offer OEM elevator manufacturers a modular support system that can be used to design a comprehensive range of divider beams, door header beams and additional temporary or permanent steel support structures such as pit platforms. These are faster to install using type-approved Hilti anchors, clamps and connectors, and they can increase on-site productivity. The lightweight components can be carried by hand while connections use bolts for fastening. The elimination of heavy hoisting activities and hot works not only helps ensure a safer working environment, but can also allow your existing workforce to install more elevators in less time. This means an elevator can be made available faster to a building owner.

Elevator equipment fastening

Anchoring solutions for steel and concrete with design and advanced logistics support

OEM elevator equipment can require fastening to a range of materials, including concrete, masonry and steel structures. Hilti is your full anchoring solutions provider for all of your applications. Our portfolio includes a broad range of mechanical and chemical post-installed anchors and anchor channels which can be cast into concrete or fastened to steel. This range covers premium products with type approval for anchoring in seismic conditions through to basic products with technical design data provided by Hilti. Manufacturing locations across the world and a global logistics network help ensure prompt supply, while our global project engineering offices can help you design the most suitable and cost-efficient fastening solutions for your purpose.

Metal cutting and rough grinding

High-performance cordless tools from angle grinders to cut-out tools, saws and drills

Elevator components should come from the factory ready to fit into the shaft. In the real world that’s not always the case. In particular, when modernizing a hoistway, you might need to adapt steel components by cutting and grinding. Compact cordless tools that work in confined spaces and create limited noise are invaluable in such a situation. Our tool portfolio includes cordless angle grinders, cutters and crimpers, cut-out tools, saws and drills with advanced safety features such as Active Torque Control. Hilti cordless tools are built on the same, interchangeable 22V battery platform. You can also benefit from our fleet management, plus a guaranteed 3-day repair and replacement service – reducing downtime to a minimum and increasing productivity.

Aligning and leveling

Simplify elevator aligment work with our line-and-point laser tools

Advanced Hilti 2D and 3D layout tools can simplify aligning and levelling work, speeding up elevator installation times. Our ‘E’ range of line-and-point laser tools with either green or red lasers provide the extra accuracy that elevator fitters demand for their alignment work. Receivers and other optical accessories allow higher visibility of reference points or lines, wherever they need to be received as a target. We also offer a calibration service for all layout tools, giving you confidence that they work at the accuracy level you require.

Hammer drilling and bolting

Access tools, accessories and software designed to work together to prevent downtime

We provide a comprehensive line of cordless power tools for applications needed for elevator installation. All tools are operated with the same 22V Li-Ion battery system. Our hammer drills are more compact and lightweight and, when used with Hilti CX bits, can drill holes faster and more efficiently even when you hit rebar. Hilti vacuum cleaners can be attached to a drill to take up dust directly where its produced. Our range of compact impact wrenches can handle M12/ M16 bolts with ease and, with the AT module attached, you can help ensure that each bolt is tightened to the same torque. With Hilti Tool Fleet services and ON!Track equipment management software you can check tools are in safe, operative order and document the history of each item. 

Energy and industry project solutions

From mining to onshore oil and gas to shipbuilding, bring down the total costs of your asset over its entire life cycle with end-to-end project solutions that combine software, hardware and services. 

Explore end-to-end project solutions

Protect your teams

To help you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on your jobsites, we invest heavily in safety technologies – whether it's tool-based dust control solutions, training, or systems for tracking worker certication. 

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Control tool costs

Simplify your financial planning and administration with our fleet management service. Pay a fixed monthly fee for all your tools including their use, service and repair costs. Say goodbye to hidden costs.

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