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Features & Applications

  • Very low tool weight combined with high demolition performance for dedicated floor breaking
  • T-design for perfect handling in floor-breaking applications
  • Maintenance-free brushless SR motor and triple-chamber lubrication systems for longer service intervals and tool lifetime
  • Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) makes the tool less tiring to use – helping to increase daily productivity
  • Detachable supply cord for quick and easy replacement of damaged/broken cords on the jobsite
  • Medium-duty demolition of concrete slabs and foundations
  • Removing concrete for rebar connections and utility connections
  • Breaking work on concrete or other materials in basements and on patios in residential applications
  • Breaking out channels for laying pipe in plumbing applications


Hilti Tool Service
Hilti Tool Service

Unique speed! 3 Days repair time or free*

  • 3 or free: get the tool serviced and cleaned in 3 days flat or there is no charge
  • Servicing is free of charge for up to 2 years, including wear and tear, pick-up and delivery
  • After the no-cost period, repair costs are capped
  • Product warranty against parts and manufacturing irregularities for as long as we service the tool
  • Product warranty against parts and manufacturing irregularities for 20 years
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TE 2000 AVR

TE 2000-AVR Demolition Hammer

Breaking concrete the easy way

The Hilti TE 2000-AVR demolition has the ideal power-to-weight ratio for controlled floor demolition. The TE 2000-AVR weighs only 33 pounds but removes up to 2.2 tons of concrete per hour, with vibration kept to a minimum thanks to Hilti’s AVR system.

Under control: what can the TE 2000-AVR do on your jobsite?

Controlled floor breaking

As a light tool, it provides better control when chiseling floors away.

Channel enlargement

Quickly enlarge channels to the specified dimensions.

Removing heavy floor tiles

Easily remove heavy floor tiles without destroying the structure underneath.

Channel breaking in soft material

Break channels in soft material, like screed, for post-installed water or heating pipes.


The TE 2000-AVR is a great fit for building and construction generalists who want to avoid unnecessary sub-contracting for lighter chiseling jobs.

You can get your work done with a light tool that has breaking power comparable to some 65 lb electric breakers. At only 33 lbs, the TE 2000-AVR combines 26 ft-lbs impact energy with 1,800 impacts per minute, leading to a removal rate of up to 2.2 tons per hour.

Find out below how the TE 2000-AVR fits into our electric breaker range.


Chisels for our breakers

Find the perfect chisel for your breaking application.

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