Hilti heating solutions fixed point slider MRG-D6

Pipes can expand and contract for two reasons:

  • Due to the difference in temperature between the pipe and its environment.
  • Due to the difference in temperature between the environment and fluid carried in the pipe.

In both these cases pipes should not be fixed to brackets, but instead should have the freedom to move longitudinally.

Use sliders to allow the expansion of the pipe without stressing the channel system or the pipe ring. Use fixed points combined with expansion compensators to make sure there’s an equal distribution of the movements of the pipe and to absorb additional forces that are generated.


  • The modular design of the fixed points provides versatility in terms of height, loading and bracing.
  • High temperature resistant and narrow flange for easy insulation.
  • Sliders can be used both for suspended or standing installations.
  • Two directional sliding movement is possible in combination with Hilti MSG slider.
  • Load classes matched to Hilti pipe rings.


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