Worker unloading prefabricated modular support modules from a truck

Prefabrication of modular support systems

How pre-assembly, kitting and cutting services get cable/pipe supports to site, ready to install

On-site production and installation of modular support systems may result in issues like project delays, budget overruns, material storage challenges and waste, or even accidents. Hilti’s prefabrication services can help you to avoid them all.

What are Hilti Prefabrication Services?

At Hilti we offer solutions from BIM-based design to the validation/documentation of your cable and pipe supports. We know the challenges construction projects face when it comes to timeline and space constraints, skilled labor costs and shortages, accident risks, material waste and transportation costs.

Ordering, cutting and assembling hundreds of supports for piping, HVAC and cable trays on the jobsite represents a huge challenge! A lot of time is spent sorting all the small components needed, not to mention storing, transporting and cutting all the strut channels to length before finally installing them on your jobsite.

Our off-site prefabrication services, carried out by specialists in our Prefabrication Centers, are designed to tackle these challenges – helping to improve your productivity by reducing costs and installation time while also bringing the highest quality standards.

Full pre-assembly of customized trapezes, cantilevers, goal posts and multi-trade supports; kitting the right components; and cutting strut channels to length are how our prefabrication services help you to save money and time on your project.


50 %

less installation time

20 %

less material waste

What do our prefabrication services look like?

Scanning pre-assembled support systems


Fully customized, pre-assembled multi-trade supports, trapezes, cantilevers and goal posts – all transported to your jobsite ready to be installed.

Speed-up your project schedule by reducing the production and assembly time of pipes/cables trays/ducts supports.

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Worker kiitting and packaging modular support systems


Individual kits with all the sorted components, channels cut to length and instructions for use, ready to be assembled in your jobsite.

Avoid missing components and reduce the complexity of making and installing supports for pipes/cable trays/ducts.

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Worker cutting channels for modular support systems


Hilti strut channels cut to your specified length, including deburring and zinc coating of cut edges if required.

Help to save time and avoid possible cutting accidents by outsourcing the trimming work to Hilti specialists.

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Less skilled labor costs

Less on-site labor necessary to produce and install the supports

Quality Certificate Icon

Higher installation quality

End-to-end Hilti solution: Prefabrication carried out by well-trained service specialists

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Less HSE risks

No channels cut on-site: Prefabrication in a controlled environment reduces the risk of accidents

Competitive Advantage Arrow

Competitive Advantage

Keep your project on schedule and offer greater value for your services 

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