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Features & Applications

Washer setting tool X-WST F3-BT #2278582
  • Corrosion resistance and durability through sealing – washer setting tool ensures sealing washer placement to protect materials against corrosion
  • Improve quality and performance – Stud fusion accessories help complete your stud fusion kit for greater accuracy and performance during stud fusion to help protect the base material from corrosion
  • Sealing washer setting tool X-WST F3-BT – Setting tool with different adapters can be used for metric (M6, M8, M10, M12) and imperial (3/8”, 1/2”) washers
  • Steel fastening in wind, oil and gas offshore/onshore installations – cable tray/ladder supports, non-critical pipe supports, multi-disciplinary supports and other equipment fastenings

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Washer setting tool X-WST F3-BT #2278582

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