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Features & Applications

  • The economical injection mortar solution that can replace virtually all grout fastenings
  • Suitable for post-installed rebar and concrete anchoring applications in accordance with Hilti technical data
  • Compatible with Hilti’s full range of accessories (e.g. cordless electric dispenser, steel brushes, piston plug)
  • Available in 580 ml hard cartridge, suitable for use under severe on-site conditions
  • Allows flexible installation due to the long working time
  • Substitution of misplaced/missing rebar
  • Connection of secondary post-installed rebar (e.g. staircases, upstands)
  • Renovation/upgrading of post-installed rebar
  • Rebar dowelling
  • Anchoring non-structural secondary steel elements (e.g. columns, beams)

Technical Data

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HIT-RE 10 injectable mortar system is your solution for light and medium anchoring and rebar connections in concrete

HIT-RE 10 economical epoxy mortar and the Hilti HDE 500 cordless dispenser will help you get the job done when it comes to light and medium anchoring applications in concrete.

Suitable for wall tie, parking stopper, lintel, staircase, upstand or dowelling applications; this mortar system delivers flawless fastening at a competitive price while keeping mortar waste to a minimum and complying with health and safety standards.


HIT-RE 10 epoxy mortar comes in a hard cartridge and the cordless HDE 500 dispenser features an adjustable mechanism that allows you to precisely set the desired amount of mortar dispensed with each pull of the trigger, making your job onsite efficient and simple. 

This helps save time during installation, reduces your costs per anchor installed and minimizes risks due to improper installation.



Hilti HIT-RE 10 injectable mortar system for light and medium anchoring and rebar connections in concrete

We offer a range of technical data that makes it faster and easier for you to source product load tables or information related to our products.

HIT-RE 10 achieves good load values with all relevant anchor rod and rebar sizes and at various depths of embedment.

In order for us to help you with a reliable solution that is an alternative to grout, HIT RE 10 eliminates the imprecise mixing ratios of the ingredients and the inaccuracies related to the dip-and stick installation method.

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