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Features & Applications

Screw magazine SMD 57 #2289475
  • Higher productivity – collated screws are an ideal way to boost productivity by equipping your team to hang more boards in less time
  • Metal nose – more robust, longer lasting and lower maintenance
  • One-step loading – minimise the time you spend reloading screw strips
  • Easier to adjust – now with a side-mounted setting depth wheel and larger screw length adjustment slider
  • Versatile – you can use 9-57 mm long collated screws in this attachment
  • Hanging drywall on metal or wood studs
  • Installing drywall ceilings
  • Fastening wood boards to metal or wood substructures
  • Fastening hard boards to metal or wood substructures
  • Fastening exterior sheathing to metal or wood substructures

Technical Data

Screw magazine SMD 57 #2289475

Documents & Videos

Screw magazine SMD 57 #2289475