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Improve confidence in your building’s fire safety

Failed inspections and exposure to liability for fire-related incidents are two major risks of inadequate firestop management. This Firestop Documentation Manager software is designed to give you an efficient, workable method for always having your installation records up-to-date.

Instant reporting so you’re always prepared for inspections

The software can generate a report covering solution details, related approval documents, photos of before/after firestopping, annotated floorplans, and installation verification.

Efficient navigation using your floor plans

Plot installations, modifications and retrofits of every fire safety system on digital floor plans, making it easier to locate a specific firestop element around your buildings. Each installation can be made uniquely identifiable using labels with a QR code (available separately)

Real-time access to information for transparent collaboration

With both mobile and desktop applications linked by automatic cloud synchronization, Firestop Documentation Manager makes it easy to plan and manage code-compliant fire safety installations from anywhere around your sites.

Your one, centralized source for all firestop management

Firestop Documentation Manager works with firestop from any manufacturer, so you can keep all installation data in one place and in a consistent format.

Technical Data

Documents & Videos

Consulting & Support


Hilti’s Firestop Documentation Manager

Hilti CFS-DM Firestop Documentation Manager is the straightforward solution that equally fulfills the needs of planners, specifiers, installers, building owners and authorities.

This new innovative software allows you to plan and document every stage of an entire firestop project in a single, comprehensive software application. With an easy to use online back office interface, progress reports and work permits can be produced instantaneously with a click of the mouse.

This not only streamlines the documentation process, it also greatly simplifies building acceptance inspections and subsequently makes maintenance more efficient.


Hilti Firestop Documentation Manager


Our Hilti Firestop Documentation Manager is designed to speed up your project and help to save you time. 


  • Step 1: Prepare the Project

The project is laid out using the easy to use web base back office application. All project information to be documented is specified individually according to the project or building needs. Users are defined, additional technical documents and 2D plans are uploaded and integrated as necessary

  • Step 2: Record the Penetration

All of the relevant information about each penetration is recorded in the field with the use of Hilti’s intuitive CFS-DM app. This data is transmitted from the mobile phone or tablet straight to the cloud-based database. The labels are equipped with a distinct QR code for quick reference to the penetration details.

  • Step 3: Create a Report

Whether at the completion of the project or at any intermediate step, a customized or standard report can be produced to show the status of the recorded penetrations. The reports can be created in a standard, list or 2D plan format. All reports are automatically saved and can accessed for future reference.




Get started in 5 easy steps

  • Download the free app from iTunes or Google Play
  • Click here for a free 30 day trial period or call 800-Hilti(44584) for full enrollment
  • Receive a welcome email with a username and password
  • Login and build your company profile
  • Create a project and start documenting
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