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Recommended Products:

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Find recommended products based on buying behaviour:

• Previous 12-months Purchase

View a full list of your transactions and

all items bought over the 12 months.

•Where will the recommended products be displayed on the Hilti website?

Home Page and Empty Shopping Cart:

•First set of recommendations will be displayed as a full list from the item range. Once the user clicks on it, it will redirect him to the full page of the product range.

Previous 12-months Purchase – company list:

•The user will be able to view a full list of his transactions in the past 12 months. The list will include all items bought over a 12 months period.


New Product Page

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The new and improved layout will allow you to:

• Identify additional relevant items from

the range

• Check different price options

• Enter specific order quantity

• Merging range and item information

•Fast identification of suitable item numbers via item selector, rather than searching in long item lists

•Switch from piece logic to package logic for ordering

•Transparent communication how many pieces per package

•Indication of “best value” offer, in case of multiple pack size options for the desired product


Mobile App 2.0

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The new Mobile app. 2.0 offers the

customers a simplified and user

friendly interface:

• Biometric Authentication

• New Tool Management

• New Product Search Function

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