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What's Behind The Curtain?

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Facade of a building shows It's ability of the first impression, this is a huge design factor that we all have to take into consideration.

Different types of facade bring different types of concerns regarding the manufacturing and material technology, environmental issues and aesthetics.

Each construction site is unique in themselves, this also goes for facade design and installation. Each facade you design is different from each other, and this brings out the risk of not having enough data from the past to overcome new challenges in new projects. There's also the time issue, in the current industry, time actually means money. Fast constructions mean fast decisions, and the creation of such a delicate structure cannot be rushed, or can It?

Yes, aesthetics are important just as equal as any element but, ensuring the safety of the building and of the people using it must be our priority number one. Loads acting on facade differs from region to region, more importantly, elements we use to fasten the facade are depended on various conditions and design parameters.

There is also the issue of fire protection on facade. The structure of a building changes dramatically during a fire. Components become deformed and facades bulge outwards. Conventional or static firestop solutions can compensate for these deformations only to a limited extent. Gaps and cracks open up between floor decks and walls or curtain wall facade sections, allowing flames, smoke, and dangerous fumes to spread. The fire sealant which should be used has to be tested as per standards that consider the dynamic movement of the facade.

Then, what should be our first question if we want to start from the very base of designing a facade? Facade design is actually much more deeper than what you see from the outside of a building and we should start from the fundamentals and that's why our 1st question is: What's Behind The Curtain?

Our technical webinar will introduce the fundamentals of various facade types, types of attachments for different facade systems and how to design them and containment of fire with fire barriers in facade applications.

The Webinar will focus on and address the following topics:

·       Types of Facade with different components

·       Proposals for various facade systems and substrates

·       How to optimize the design of facade anchoring

·       Fire statistics and fire spread in the buildings

·       Perimeter fire barrier

·       Cavity fire barrier

·       Fire sealants application for facade

Who Should Attend this Webinar?

Facade consultants, Architects, Facade Engineers, QC Engineers who usually supervise facade relevant applications, All Engineers who are involved directly or indirectly in facade installation activities at job site.

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