Everyday fastenings for Steel and Metal Construction

How we promise quick and reliable installations in steel

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed when it comes to your work. Choose from our portfolio of anchoring systems to find the most suitable fastening solution, whether you’re fastening structural baseplates or ventilated facades.

Everyday fastening solutions for steel and metal construction

Are you setting serial anchors?

The Hilti HIT injection systems or HVU2 capsules can be installed with an automatic cleaning system, saving you a time-consuming extra step. Each HVU2 capsule contains just the right amount of resin for heavy-duty anchoring, so no waste occurs, and it is easy to predict. Stud anchors are the ideal version if you need a mechanical anchor solution.

Or constructing fences, awnings, and ornamental steel?

These things could have different hole sizes, thicknesses and material to which you’re fastening. For these everyday challenges, we have you covered. The HIT-MM+ injection system is the universal injection anchor. Combine it with our HDE automatic battery dispenser and you never have to squeeze mortar by hand again. For the most economical solution, the HIT-1 is the simplest injection anchor – be sure to keep a few of these in your toolbox!

Our fastening solutions for

Structural baseplates and HIT-Z

Structural Baseplates

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Ornamental steel and handrailing

Ornamental Steel

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