Everyday fastenings for Drywall and Interior Finishing

We make it faster, simpler and easier

You install hundreds if not thousands of meters of drywall track and ceiling hangers every day. Why not make your work a lot easier?

Everyday fastening solutions for drywall and interior finishing

Say goodbye to anchors, overhead drilling and dust in your face with our innovative Hilti direct fastening solutions. 

The battery-powered BX-3 IF lightweight direct fastening tool works 10 times faster than traditional methods, has no internal combustion like powder or gas and has very little recoil. It perfectly fits for floor track fixations and perimeter walls or angles. Plus, it conveniently uses the same battery as most of the Hilti cordless tools you already have.

For ceiling fastening, we recommend the GX-3 IF. This gas-actuated tool shares some of the advantages of the BX 3, but at a more affordable price. 

For versatile and powerful applications, we recommend the DX 5 IF. This Digitally enabled fully automatic powder-actuated tool for high productivity and versatility, for collated nails. And if you think concrete is too hard for most direct fastening, think again. By drilling just a few mm deep you can set the DX-KWIK nails into almost any kind of concrete. 

Our fastening solutions for

Interior finishing applications like fastening in suspended ceiling

Suspended Ceiling

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Interior finishing applications like track fastening

Track Fastening

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Image of drywall being installed overhead using collated screws, a screw magazine and the new SD 5000-A22 cordless drywall screwdriver


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