Everyday fastenings for Electricians

How we can help maximize your productivity during electrical installations

A typical day might involve installing hundreds of meters of cable, or working overhead for hours to install cable trays. We want to simplify the process so you can work efficiently, productively and comfortably.


Everyday fastening solutions for electricians

Stud anchors like the Hilti HST2 are an industry standard. Save effort and lose the torque wrench when you use the Hilti SIW 6-AT to give your stud anchors an automatic, proper torque.

Give your arms a break with the HUS3 screw anchors. They only require drilling and driving, no hammering. Of course, one of the fastest tools would be the cordless, BX 3 battery-actuated fastening tool. Lightweight, quiet, and with little recoil, the BX 3 operates 10 times faster than traditional methods. It’s probably the most hassle-free and maintenance-free fastening tool you’ll ever use.

Our fastening solutions for

Electrical applications like installing cable trays

Cable Trays

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Fire rated fastening for electrical cable bundles

Electrical Cable Bundles

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