Everyday fastenings for Building Construction

Why you should pick us for rebar installation

Let’s face it: Installing rebar for hours a day can be physically taxing, not to mention messy. That’s why we offer solutions to make all aspects of building construction easier and faster, whether it’s virtually dust-free drilling or automating manual tasks.

Everyday fastening solutions for building construction

3 reasons why it's faster and easier

1. Automatic virtually dust-free cleaning

When you drill with the HDB hollow drill bit, your vacuum attachment cleans the concrete hole while you drill. This feature saves you a time-consuming extra task and keeps concrete dust from blowing into your face.

2. Automatic, hassle-free dispensing

With just the push of a button, the HDE battery dispenser fills each hole with the right amount of mortar defined, every time. The HDE battery dispenser eliminates the need to manually squeeze a mechanical trigger. It also eliminates the chance of overfilling a hole and wasting mortar.

3. Premium quality at the right price

For all your jobsite needs, we have a large portfolio of rebar solutions at affordable prices.

Our fastening solutions for

Fastening solutions for structural rebar

Structural Rebar

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Non-structural rebar and HIT-RE 100 injectable adhesive anchor

Non-structural Rebar

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