Everyday fastenings

Fastening solutions for every job and every budget

For every aspect of industrial construction, Hilti has the perfect fastening system. Find the best match from a wide range of easy-to-use, reliable products. Hilti fasteners: premium quality at an economical price.

Affordable everyday fastening solutions for your construction project
Jobsite showing building construction applications

Building Construction

The quickest and most reliable way to install rebar, formwork footings, temporary fastenings and more

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Construction site with a lot of steel and metal

Steel and Metal

The most suitable fasteners for steel construction from non-structural elements to beams and columns

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Mechanical applications showing piping and ventilation


Hassle-free fasteners for piping and ventilation assembly

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Overhead installations with electrical wiring


Breeze through overhead installations. No hammers, no pain

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Interior finishing applications like fastening ceilings and drywall track

Interior Finishing

Fast and simple solutions for fastening ceilings, drywall, furniture and more

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Heavy machinery for industry


Keep your warehouse and heavy machinery in top shape

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