How to choose the right anchor fastener

Hilti Mechanical Anchor Selector app

Research and find the right anchor fastener for your application with Hilti Mechanical Anchor Selector.

Choose your anchor fixing by inputting specific data about your application, including:

•           Base material

•           Anchor loads

•           Anchor material and potential for corrosion 

•           Approvals

Our Mechanical Anchor Selector suggests anchor fasteners for your project complete with their technical data. You have the option of basic and advance filtering including: 

•           Load values

•           Thickness of base materials

•           Anchor details – including drill bit size, length, head configuration and type of fixing

•           What you’re fastening to – including details of its thickness, diameter of clearance hole, distance to the closest edge, distance to the next hole.



  • Do you have a technical question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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