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Underpinning a cultural icon with 40,000 dowels

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The challenge

Battersea Power Station is at the heart of one of London’s largest and most visionary developments.

It’s an iconic building with four enormous chimneys and is the centerpiece of a new 42 acre community of apartments, shops, cafes, offices and 18 acres of public space.

It’s an important project for London, transforming a once derelict waterfront site on the Thames. It’s costing £8bn and includes a new Tube station and extension to an underground train line.

The challenge was that the Power Station had been left derelict for more than 30 years. So the brick walls under its chimneys needed reinforcing with more than 40,000 dowels in the basement between the existing brick wall and newly cast reinforced concrete walls.


Our Hilti solution

At Hilti we were involved from an early stage of the project, working with the Battersea Group, J. Coffey Construction Ltd and the structural designers.

We suggested using our Hilti M22 mesh sleeves for the job. There were many cavities in the walls, which were 600-700 mm thick. We also wanted to ensure that the quantities of resin were controlled and the installed anchors were effective in different types of base material.

The contractors also used our Hilti TE 80-AVR Combihammers to drill the holes and our Hilti HIT injection chemical anchor systems.

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