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Features & Applications

  • Highest demolition performance of all Hilti breakers – on par with 30 kg / 60 lb air hammers – for rapid progress in big concrete demolition jobs
  • Virtually maintenance-free brushless SR motor and triple-chamber lubrication systems for longer service intervals and tool lifetime
  • Increased user comfort due to AVR (Active Vibration Reduction) with two fully decoupled handles
  • Detachable, universal supply cord for faster and easier replacement of damaged/broken power cables on the jobsite – designed to be compatible with other selected Hilti tools
  • Optional TE DRS-3000 dust removal system, which collects up to 95% of dust
  • Medium to heavy-duty demolition of concrete slabs and foundations
  • Breaking up asphalt in road building, pipe laying and repair work
  • Removing concrete for rebar connections and utility connections
  • Digging and tamping in earthwork

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TE 3000 AVR

TE 3000-AVR Electric Jackhammer

Break through with innovation and experience elevated power and performance

Hilti’s new TE 3000 heavy-duty electric jackhammer with Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) delivers faster and virtually effortless concrete demolition to your jobsite – all you need is the tool, chisel and power cord.

Don’t slow down your crew with a cumbersome pneumatic air hammer and air compressor – the TE 3000 has the highest demolition performance of all Hilti breakers and is on par with 90lb air hammers.

User comfort with less fatigue

Experience ultimate user comfort with Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) and lighter tool body with two fully decoupled handles and a new "third handle" that allows you to get more done with less fatigue. 

Increased power and lighter weight

The newly innovated TE 3000-AVR provides up to a 40% increase in power with six pounds less weight so you can break through faster without sacrificing power and performance.

Quick chisel changes

The TE 3000-AVR is outfitted with a quick release chuck, enabling you to switch out your chisels more quickly and efficiently.

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Discover a simpler way

Let the TE 3000 AVR put in the work for you

Complete medium to heavy-duty demolition of reinforced concrete slabs and foundations with the TE 3000 AVR solution. Removing concrete for rebar connections and utility connections with less weight and more power and performance. With accessories tailored to unique applications, you can easily accessorize the TE 3000 AVR to meet your needs.

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TE-H chisels

Leverage the entire system

Engage the entire breaker solution and pair the TE 3000-AVR with the TE-H chisel to experience the true power this tool can bring to your jobsite. Designed to withstand and enhance the upgraded power and performance of the TE 3000-AVR, the new and improved multiline TE-H chisel portfolio amplifies your impact.  

With a multiline portfolio of newly designed TE-H chisels, choose the best solution for you—offering ultimate chisels for the most performance and longest life and premium chisels for the best economical option.

First-rate services to help you stay in production mode

Fleet management

Tool Fleet Management

With HIlti Tool Fleet Management we help you manage your tools, so you can better manage your business.                             



ON!Track asset management tells you exactly what equipment you have, where it is and who is using it.            

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2 year wear and tear

2 year wear and tear coverage

Up to 2 years no cost, including labor costs, faulty parts (subject to wear and tear), pick-up and delivery.

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